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How To BEAT Distraction — [A Tactic That Will Help You Get Focused Work In]

If you want to beat distraction, then you may want to learn about "temporal distance". It's easily explained by an example: if your phone is downstairs in a drawer, and you are upstairs in your room, the amount of time it takes you to get to your phone is the temporal distance.

What we find in (thank you Shawn Achor) is that there is a radius of distraction of about 20 seconds. So if your phone is in your pocket and it takes about 1 second to pull it out, you are likely going to get distracted by it.

BUT, if your phone is outside in your locked car and it takes 35 seconds to go get it, it is outside of the 20-second radius and thus LESS LIKELY to be a distraction for you. The reason for this is because your lazy brain wants to conserve energy and 20 seconds is "far" enough away for you to be disincentivized to use it as a distraction.

ON THE FLIP SIDE, if you want to do something more often like eat fruit, all you have to do is put it INSIDE that 20-second radius.

Make the bad things hard to do and the good things easy to do. Simple.

Hope this has helped!

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