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"I like the framework. It pulls things together nicely."

-Dr. Baumeister

Dr. Roy F. Baumeister

Dr. Baumeister has published over 500 scientific articles and more than 30 books. He is most well-known for his work in self-control, decision-fatigue, ego-depletion, and willpower.

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Ahrian Shahabi

"Your course was a huge learning experience for me. I'm always hesitant with this stuff, but after taking the course and working with you I couldn't be happier with my results. [...] Chris is a great guy and he really cares about the people that he works with."

Jay Lee

"For the skeptics and nonbelievers, this course will single-handedly change the way you think about everyday actions and behavior. [...] As someone who has been through trauma, addiction, depression, and just overall making excuses and feeling sorry for myself, I wish I had found this earlier."

Jarrett Perches

"Love the course and the self-accountability that comes with it. This course will serve as your guide to implementing the positive change you want in your life. Follow the course, put in the work, and you’ll have the keys to becoming a habit-hacking master!"

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Life's Simplest Strategy Video Course


($300 Value)

  • Create The Habits You Want
  • Become Who You Want to Be
  • Get Ongoing Email Support
  • Unlock Coaching Sessions
  • Maintain Lifetime Access

Life's Simplest Strategy + 4 x 30-Minute Coaching Sessions


($700 Value)

  • Life's Simplest Strategy Video Course
  • 4 x 30-Minute Coaching Sessions with Hack That Habit's CEO, Chris Greene
  • Most Strategic Approach to Behavior Change
  • Insider Tricks of The Trade (Not Available in Course)
  • Guided Introspection & List of Most Valuable Life Questions

4 x 30-Minute Coaching Sessions


($400 Value)

  • Session 1 - Habit Planner Edit
  • Session 2 - Adapting To "Failure"
  • Session 3 - Re-Creating Your Identity
  • Session 4 - Universal Application
  • Note: Above is the typical progression, but sessions vary alongside student needs.

Pricing & Offers

Course Breakdown

"[...] everything you need to know to change your behavior. I feel like I can take on ANYTHING now. Thank you so much for sharing this brilliant (but simple) idea!"

-Josh G ★★★★★

Meet Your Instructor, Chris!

Hi there 👋 my name's Chris. I'm Hack That Habit's Founder & CEO.

My mission is to help as many people as I can become who they want to be because I believe that we can create a great world. And that starts with individuals behaving the way we intend to, sticking to our word, and doing what we set out to.

Hack That Habit helps you turn intention into behavior.


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Be The Leader

Behavior spreads. What you see others do influences you and what you do influences others. Want to help someone else change their life? Show them it's possible. Start with yourself. Lead by example. We teach you how.

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